Travel safely without missing a shot.


Cloak Travel Camera Bag

Be a photographer, not a target for theft.

Travel Camera Bag theft
Travel Camera Bag theft

Always ready

No need to take the camera out of the bag and put it around your neck. You’re always ready to shoot.


Disconnect the three snaps that connect the strap to your bag, slide your camera out of the base plate’s quick release track, and your camera is disrobed in seconds.


Open the top flap, and you’ve got unrestricted access to all your camera controls. Prepare, shoot, review and mash buttons.

Around the Interwebs

Cloak Bag is one of the most interesting and unique camera bags ever introduced.
Hardware Sphere
The world of camera bags has just been turned upside down, thanks to the Cloak Bag.
Like all the best niche products, the shoot-through bag was born of specific need.
Wired's Gadget Lab
The clever design of the Cloak Bag ensures that you have access to your camera’s functions at all times and allows you to move freely about in crowded places without attracting unwanted attention to your shiny new DSLR.
Apart from the security benefits, the Cloak Bag is a great way of ensuring your camera stays clean too, keeping most of it hidden from dust, dirt and your grubby hands.
Sure other backpacks and bags can hold your camera inconspicuously but none make it as easy to quickly snap a picture as the Cloak Bag.
Craziest Gadgets
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